We aim to help companies, from start-ups to established corporations, address their technology related decisions confidently. Ensuring their IT organisation and systems are up to date and effective.


The IT world is fast moving and forever changing, many systems that were once hosted in-house are now moving into the cloud, but how do you get there and how do you manage the process?  Sometimes you just need someone to look at your systems and help you understand what you have and what you need.

Uniq Technology are a customer and people focused business. We’re here to share our expertise to help make sure you have the best technology solutions available to you. We’re not here to sell you equipment you don’t need. In fact, in many cases we help customers utilise what they already have and make it work more effectively.


Your business is unique, we will work directly with you and your staff to look at your needs, identify how your teams collaborate and communicate, and we’ll then make sure we tailor the IT systems to make your company more productive, secure and hopefully more successful.